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Medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinet

First aid in an emergency, headache or toothache, an emerging cold – it makes sense to be prepared for minor accidents or sudden complaints at home. The only problem is: as long as everyone is well, nobody thinks about it, and when it comes down to it, sometimes exactly what you need is missing. It is therefore advisable to take a look at your medicine cabinet from time to time and to make sure that it is fully equipped. In particular, the following must be checked:

  • How long can the pharmaceuticals be kept and which ones will expire soon?
  • How do you treat colds, headaches, diarrhea, fever?
  • Where is the best place to keep the medicine cabinet?

Our Advice:

Be sure, that your medical cabinet is stored cool, dry and protected from sun. They should be unreachable for children there should be a notice for all important numbers of doctors, pharmacies and emergency numbers.

Whenever you want to let check your medicinal cabinet, you are welcome in your Metropolitan Pharmacy. We are looking forward to help you.

Depending on your individual health condition, it could be different:

Bandage dressings:


gauze swabs and gauze bandage

adhesive plaster


triangular scarf

clip plaster

bandage scissors



hot-water bottle

safety pins

latex gloves

medicine for external usage


ointment for bruises, sprains, insect bites, sunburn, and minor burns

gargling solution

tincture with arnica

medicines for internal usage



throat lozenges

antidiarrhoea medicine and medicine for constipation

cardiovascular product


healing teas (chamomille, peppermint,..)

With our composition you are ready for every eventuality, find here the list.