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Diagnostics at home

Diagnostics at home

We are often not sure whether a doctor’s visit is necessary and do not want to overreact. Nevertheless, you carry a creeping sense with you, which you would like to get rid of without much of a fuss. For this purpose, we have various home tests that you can carry out discreetly at home. Mostly you need just a drop of blood or spittle for it. In case the home test is positive, you should consult a doctor with the certainty you have gained.

We can measure your blood pressure!

In our store you will find a wide range of blood glucose monitors. We are happy to advise you individually.


We are happy to advise you individually for intestinal disbalance.

Get an appointment in your Metropolitan Pharmacy Munich or Frankfurt.

We like to help you finding out, how to release your complaints.

Home testing: gluten

pregnancy test


autotest VIH Ratiopharm

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We can order a specific drugtest.

Veroval Test for minerals






Combur Test

Combur 5 Test® HC

to test glucose, leukocytes, protein, nitrite blood in urine.