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Stay safe on travels

No matter if  you go on a business or private trip: we can help you a lot, to stay healthy on your journey – or to get a speedy recovery.

We inform you about infectious and tropical diseases, give advise for travelling with children – and also have something for jetlag! A lot of customer we could help over there fear of flying.

Our specialists support you




Wick Erste Abwehr→

perfect on travells during cold season

Wick DayNait →

effective relief for cold symptoms for day & night

Our specialists support you

We are happy to help you

Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists from the travel-team and ask them for a professional vaccination- or travel advice. We cooperate with the center for travelling medicine (CRM) and have access to the latest medical information regarding your travelling route:

Tips for the journey

Travel sickness

Our recommendation:

  • Classic travel sickness tablets, they can make you feel drowsy

  • Ginger capsules, naturally effective without any side effects

  • Nux vomica, traditionally homeopathic

  • Acupressure wrist tape, the physiological alternative

Flight anxiety

Our recommendation:
  • herbal medicines with valerian, hop, lavender, passion flower or melissa
  • bach flowers, gently soothing, also available for children and animals
  • homeopathic complex agents
  • earplugs with special frequency filters for noise cancellation



Jetlag & sleeping problems

Our recommendation:
  • Herbal Medicines with valerian, hop, passion flower or melissa
  • Melatonin or tryptophan
  • B-Vitamins
  • Sleeping masks
  • Ear plugs with special functions
  • Devices and preparations to reduce snoring


Travel pharmacies

We have prepared a few suggestions for you.