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diagnostics in the pharmacy

diagnostics in the pharmacy

You can measure your blood pressure and blood sugar in our pharmacies.

Also you can get tested to get to know about your vitamin D level.

Vitamin D quick test (approx. 15 minutes)

It is recommended to repeat the measurement after 9-12 weeks distance from the first measurement. After the seconde measurement it should be repeated after 6 months and thereafter once in a year.

The quick test is available in Frankfurt.

metvital Vitamin D3 1000 mg

supplement with vitamin D3

metvital Vitamin D3 3000 mg

supplement with vitamin D3

Metropolitan Pharmacy Frankfurt


  • make-up consultation
  • personalised skin consultation (incl. melanin screening)
  • personalised skin & make-up consultation
  • Skinscope Skinscreening (incl. De-make-up)

Service MET TRAVEL / MET Phyto

  • Travel – Vaccination consultation
  • composing a personalised first aid
  • consultation to phyto medicine

metabolism Check-Up

    • intestinal flora status
    • basic profile intestine
    • Intestine consultation (basic)
    • Intestine consultation (follow-up meeting)
    • Fat acid Bloodspot Test
    • Fructose Sorbit breath-test
    • Homocystein Bloodspot Test
    • hsCRP Bloodspot Test
    • IgG4 foodstuff-screening Bloodspot Test
    • Lactose breath-test
    • Metabolic Screen
    • Serotonin Bloodspot Test
    • Vitamin D Bloodspot Test
    • Vitamin D Bloodspot Test (in Pharmacy)


  • anti aging consultation (40 min.)
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Blood fat LDL/HDL/triglyceride and others
  • Blood sugar measurement
  • nutrition counselling (30 min.)
  • Fiever measurement
  • genetic test Pharma, (saliva test)
  • genetic test, statine tolerability (saliva test)
  • genetic test risk of thrombosis (saliva test)
  • massage device 10 min.
  • medication management (30 min.)
  • measurement of the oxygen saturation (Pulsoximeter)
  • smoking essation (30min.)