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Liquids in handluggage

Liquids in handluggage

!This guideline does not apply to medication in hand luggage!

Die EU-wide hand luggage regulation states that one resealable bag with liquids per person can be carried in hand luggage. The total amount in this bag must not exceed 1 liter and each individual pack must not have a volume of more than 100 ml. So you may e. g.  Do not carry a bottle with a volume of 200 ml, but only contains half of the liquid.

Everything younts as a liquid with a creamy, gelatinous and liquid texture. Also lip balm sticks.

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Important Advice for travellers

further informations:

Important Rules for handluggage


Medicines and special foods in hand luggage


!Take every urgent needed medicines on board!

Medicines, baby food and also special food that is required during the journey on the plane are excluded from the EU directive for liquids.

These liquid products do not have to be packed in the reseable bag, and the otherwise applicable quantity restriction does not apply.

Remember to bring enough medication with you in case something should delay the return journey.

Medicines and special food (e. g. baby food) can also be carried in containers larger than 100 ml in hand luggage.

Liquids, creams, etc. from duty-free purchase can generally be carried in hand luggage from any airport or aircraft.

The prerequisite is that the liquid with the purrchase receipt is in an technique. This control technique is also used to examine liquid medication and special foods.

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