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Quality and Security

Quality and Security

Securpharm – The new european safety standard for medicines

A new safety standard for prescription drugs has been introduced in the EU since February 9, 2019. The so-called Securpharm system. This is a database-protected system, that makes the placing of counterfeits in Europe almost impossible. The system works based on a 2D barcode, which is unique for each individual package.

  • The manufacturer prints this code on the package during production and loads each individual code into a European database. This 2D code is scanned again at every middleman, and when it is given to a customer in the pharmacy, this code is deleted from the database. This means, that a duplicate of this package cannot exist and would be immediately recognized as a counterfeit in the pharmacy.
  • The manufacturer have to get the package sealed on the lashing. It can be recognizable if the package was already been opened.

Known suppliers and secure supply chain

We have been operating at airports since 1992 and have built up trustworthy relationships with our suppliers and wholesales over time. Due to our constant expansion at the locations, we operate 13 shops at 5 airports already. That is why, we as a group often buy directly from the manufacturer, without the middlemen and without risk of manipulation in the supply chain. The pharmaceutical wholesaler, that supplies us every day, has been equipped with a tracking system, which leads back to the manufacturer. This has been ongoing for years and every goods box is photographed before being sent to us. This guarantees the highest security for the goods that reach our pharmacies. Goods that have to be kept at a low temperature are completely controlled through temperature logging until it reaches our pharmacies to ensure optimum quality is maintained.