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During a further education to a so called “Phyto-PtA” special knowledge is obtained, as well as cultivation fields of the manufacturing companies are visited. This gives the employees a feeling for the effort that is already made during cultivation and harvesting in order to be able to offer the highest quality. The examination passed at the end of the training before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce entitles the PTA to use the title Phyto-PTA.

Thus Phyto-PtA´s have more detailed knowledge, which they share with colleagues and help to shape the assortment of high quality products. Advanced training courses and in-house training of phytopharmaceutical manufacturers help to keep the knowledge up to date.

Phyto-PtA´s in your MET

“Because you can use herbal medicines for a wide range of symptomes, it is very importend to me in my daily work at the pharmacy. They have low side effects and can be combinated with almost all normal medicines, as they activate the healing. Also i like homeopathic and anthroposophic medicines. I like to share my knowledge.

Mirela Heidel, Phyto-Pta