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Our services for you

Our Service for you

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Health / Family / Pharmacy / Lifestyle / offers & more

We offer you services in the fields of health and prevention, procurement of international medications as well as services for companies and airlines. Depending on location, we measure different health values and give you valuable advice on how to regain control over divergent values. Travel medicinal advice is our core business. Specialized employees can offer you an advanced consultation on intestinal matter and undertake a lab-based analysis coupled with consulting and evaluation.

We supply airlines with first-aid kits, as well as other essential medical kits that could be required in flights. For medical practitioners we offer a reliable delivery of medical essentials and can often even bridge delivery shortages. We also have special access to exotic medicines from foreign markets. For clinics we offer delivery of relevant medical merchandise at an attractive price.

service in your MET

  • skin consultation
  • promotion
  • own brand metvital
  • supplements consultation
  • intestinal testing
  • vitamin D blood testing
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Blood sugar testing
  • compression stockings
  • assort homeopathic first-aid-kits
  • travel and vaccination advice
  • EU digital covid vaccination certificate


  • Call my Apo (APP)
  • pick-up automat “met24” (Munich)
  • Skype-consultation (Munich)
  • parking garage P10 at munich airport (30 min. for free)
  • Import of medicine
  • Export of medicin