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Homeopathic remedies

Similia similibus curentur - Like cures like

Homeopathy is a healing method, which was founded in end of 18 century to beginning of 19 century, by a german doctor called Samuel Hahnemann. It contain its own knowledge about illness, medicine and dosage. The Basic-Sentence of homeophathy is “similar gets healed by similar” / like cures like the homeopathic medicines are handcrafted made by diluted and potentiated in requirements of Hahnemann respectively the “HAB”. They are made by extracts of plants and minerals or animal content materials.

The therapy with homeopathic medicines can be combinated to classic medication methods and also by itself for light complaints.

A big advantage of homepathic therapy and medicines, is the low risk of sideeffects and interactions with other remedies. That is why you can also use it for babies.

Homeophathic remedies are available in liquids, tablets and “globulis”. Most of them are to get without prescription and only in pharmacies. Also available are combinated mixtures, so called as complexmedicines. They contain more than one ingredient, which combines in a harmonic way, different single ingredients for same purpose. For example: cold-drops composite with different active ingredients for single symptoms.

Single homeopathic, stimulate like complexhomeopathic, bodies own self-healing activity. Different components activating several places in your body, so the effect achieve broad impact.

The Power of a complex could be stronger, than the effect of every single one by itself. It means they get stronger if they are together in one, so it fasten the healing process. Homeopathic complex medicine are usually available as drops or tablets. The dosage can be different to classic homeopathic therapy with single types. The single types are normally given once, wether complexes could be given more often in higher dose. It is acute the complex might be taken more times up to every hour, if it is chronical it is usually taken three times daily. Professional advice you can experience with our homeopathic expert staff. The choice of the right medication depending on the totality of symptoms.