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Skin analytics


The epidermis in particular is the focus of almost every dermo-cosmetic treatment. In order to be able to achieve optimal results, a professional skin analysis is essential. Because the better you recognize moisture and fat content, pore and wrinkle structure and pigmentation, the more optimally we can put together your care concept for maximum results. The technical skin analysis increases the competence and security in our advice. Feel free to make an appointment for a targeted skin analysis

Skin analytic device


acne, moisture, elasticity, pigmentation, hämoglobin, pores, sebum, wrinkles

overall evaluation

So easy, intuitive and practical to use as a smartphone, the new IONTO-SCOPE Skin analytic device offer a maximum on performance and a lot of application comfort. Pin sharp pictures turn almost by itself into quick and easy to understandbly graphics and evaluation data on the display. So we can immediate see the result together and talk about your treatment.