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Herbal medicines

Herbal Medicines

To treat diseases with the help of medicinal plants is one of the oldest methods we have. Almost all cultures at all times have used plants for healing purposes. This knowledge about the healing power of plants is used and developed by many pharmaceutical companies today. Tradition and research are two pillars of modern pharmaceutical production. Today, the same high demands are placed on phytopharmaceuticals as on chemically produced drugs. As far as quality, efficacy and safety are concerned, they must comply with the same legal requirements. Thus, today we have an abundance of herbal medicines at our disposal which are supposed to help alleviate or cure complaints or strengthen the body. The possibilities in the application of phytopharmaceuticals are very large. Each plant has its individual healing power and can be used in combination with other plants. Phytotherapy is characterized by high tolerance and few side effects.

Medicinal plant of the year 2021

The medicinal plant of the year has been chosen annually since 1999 by the interdisciplinary study group ‘’Development history of medicinal plant science” at the institute for the “History of medicine” at the university of Würzburg.

This year the real myrrh (Commiphora molmol) was chosen as the medicinal plant of 2021.

And for good reason! Because myrrh has had a proud track record as a medicinal plant for thousands of years already. In ancient times it was mainly used for the treatment of wounds. Today, myrrh preparations are mainly used for localized treatment in the mouth and throat.

The essential tinctures help against inflammation and have an astringent and antimicrobial effect. Anthroposophically, myrrh is also used internally for mild inflammation of the intestinal mucosa.

Myrrh is the dried gum resin from the bark of the myrrh tree. Many people are already familiar with the aromatic smell of myrrh around Christmas time. After all, myrrh was one of the gifts presented by the biblical three wise men. Since ancient times myrrh has already been considered as a valuable and prized product.

Medicine of myrrh

Hetterich myrrh tincture

  • mucous membrane strengthening
  • disinfecting
  • healing
  • pain relieving

For inflammation of the gums and oral mucosa, Hetterich myrrh tincture is applied neat or lightly brushed on the affected areas.
It is also effective against inflammation of the entire mouth and throat.

Myrrhinil Intest

  • active ingredient combination of myrrh, coffee charcoal and dried chamomile blossom extract
  • Supports treatment of gastrointestinal disorders with general diarrhea, accompanied by slight cramps and flatulence.
  • Acts against inflammation of the intestinal lining and barrier.

Health for men

A lot of men suffer from problems during passing water. Some need to go more often to the toilet than normal, others have problems as pain or burning feeling during passing water.

There could be very different reasons for it. Commonly the reason is a enlarged prostate, also sagging muscles, which come with aging, can be a reason, too.

Prostate or Bladder discomfort are usually a symptom which increase slowly and get more with the time.

The symptoms are diverse:

  • frequent urination
  • urination during sleeptime
  • trickle down after urination
  • a weak or interrupted urine stream
  • protracted urination / urinate in stages
  • Feeling of unsufficiently emptied Bladder, after urination
  • Feeling of can´t hold back the urin / incontinence
  • burning feeling or pain during passing water, turbid urine

This complaint can be very unpleasant for the affected men, even when there is mostly no serious problem the reason for it. At about a third, complaints will disappear by itself. But if the complaints last, it is useful to see a doctor.

Often the problems can be treated very well with herbal medicines.

Since generations plant extracts are used for light complaints of benign prostatic hyperplasia in Germany. Predominantly used are herbal medicines which have a long tradition.

The most drugs are made from seeds, barks, roots or fruits of the healing plant. A big part takes medicinal pumpkin, the saw palm, as well as the stinging nettle. Mostly used are products which contain pumpkin seed extract of medicinal pumpkin, phytosterol/Beta-Sitosterine and rye pollen extract. They are low in side effects and used for light complaints.

For light complaints, herbal medicine as medicinal pumpkin, saw palm or stinging nettle can help.

When men need to go more often ….

Prostagutt forte 160/120mg

double plant power


reduce urge to urinate (benign prostatic hyperplasia)

does not effect sexual function

GRANU FINK Prosta forte

Granu Fink Prostata forte is very effective and highly compatible capsule to treat complaints of mens urinary tract. They help especially for frequent urination and complaints during the night.

They reduce the urge to urinate, strengthen urinal stream and preserve sexual function. A alleviation of symptoms can be felt already after 4 weeks of treatment.

Suitable for diabetics