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Travel prophylaxis

Travel advice

A journey is as unique as the traveler himself- that’s why we offer you a customized advice from staff trained in travel medicine. What should be included in your first aid kit and which vaccinations are useful in order to stay fit and healthy during your holiday?

Our well-founded advice addresses your personal intolerances and pre-existing illnesses, we will give you advice on the correct use of medication on long-distance journeys and the correct transport of your medication. Would you like to make an appointment with our experts? Contact us personally in our stores or get in touch with us by phone or email.

Travel vaccination advice

Information about vaccinations is a dime a dozen – but one question remains: which vaccinations do I really need? We offer you a specific travel vaccination advice from our staff trained in travel medicine. We will check your vaccination record for the current status and give you customized recommendations as to which vaccinations are particularly necessary or recommendable for your destination. We will be happy to inform you where you can be vaccinated and what costs for vaccinations your health insurance company will cover. Don‘t hesitate to arrange an appointment with us!

Travel probiotics

Different countries, different hygiene standards. What is not a problem for people in other countries often causes us problems. We are accustomed to our environment and cannot cope well with the contamination of drinking water in other countries. This may cause diarrhea, which makes travelling unpleasant and burdensome. The reason is the bacterial composition in our intestines. The intestinal microbiome is adapted to our everyday situation at home. If we are confronted with foreign bacteria and germs, we cannot deal with them immediately. To remedy this, travel probiotics can be used which keep the bacteria harmful to us in check or maintain our intestinal environment. We have special probiotics for for your journey.

Travel socks and thrombosis

Our four recommendations against heavy swollen legs and for the prevention of thrombosis:

  • drinking enough water to compensate the faster dehydration of the body due to the low humidity in the air
  • regular exercise during the flight to stimulate the circulation
  • metvital Thromboflow capsules to support the normal blood flow
  • Travel stockings that provide external support and thus ensure optimum blood flow in the leg veins

Travel stockings are so called support stockings which have a supporting effect on the blood vessels. The blood does not sink within the legs and as a consequence they don’t swell. The improved blood flow prevents blood clots from forming and thus prevents thrombosis. The risk of thrombosis increases with length of flight, increasing age, during pregnancy, taking hormone preparations such as contraceptive pills, smokers and people with cardiac problems, vein diseases or defective blood clotting. We keep a wide range of travel stocking in stock for you and we also offer custom-made compression stockings, for example for flight attendants and frequent flyers.

METVITAL Thromboflow capsules

Travel protected – arrive healthy with metvital thromboflow capsules. They contain a special tomato-shell extract and a substance called resveratrol which is extracted from grapes. These well tolerated ingredients contribute to normal healthy blood flow and strengthen the veins. metvital Thromboflow capsules are recommended for all people who are concerned about their vascular health, especially smokers, people over 55 years and passengers traveling by plane.

Earplugs for air-pressure compensation and nasal spray

If take-off and landing turn into hell, it´s because Eustachian tube – this thin channel between the middle ear and pharynx regulates the pressure balance in the middle ear. If the middle ear swells up because of a cold or allergy or it is generally too narrow, the pressure on the eardrum during take-off and landing becomes painful. The cause for this is the pressure in the inner ear which does not change as quickly as the pressure in the aircraft cabin. Children in particular are often affected, as they first have to learn to equalize the pressure. Decongestive nasal sprays / drops which open the Eustachian tube and special “flying earplugs” which stabilise the eardrum by applying counter pressure help. We offer models for children as well as simple models for holiday travellers and high-quality models for frequent travellers.

Accupressure tape - the gentle help against travel sickness

According to the Chinese doctrine of acupuncture, over 2000 acupressure points are distributed along meridians, so-called energy pathways in the human body. Pressure on the Nei-Guan point on the wrist helps against nausea and sleep disorders. We recommend the Met-acupressure tape as a natural aid for all kinds of “travel sicknesses”. The gentle pressure of the bracelet reliefs travel sickness and is suitable for children, pregnant women and anyone looking for an alternative to conventional medicines.