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Orthomol - since 25 years a good partner

Orthomol – there for you for 25 years

Since a quarter of a century already Orthomol has developed and distributed combinations of micro nutrients. The Orthomol products are nutritonal supplements which contain micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals in a well balanced dosage. Also other important ingredients are used, such as amino acids, essential fatty acids, pro- and prebiotics and secondary herbal ingredients. The Orthomol products are developed for various areas of application and available in all Metropolitan Pharmacies.

Orthomol products

With the very wide range of Orthomol products available you are well equipped. They can be used for specific purposes or as a general nutritional supplement. Orthomol products are for example used to support the immune system of children and adults during those times when the human body is under stress, such as recurring repiratory infections. Besides this Orthomol products can also contribute to reduce fatigue and tiredness, and are specially formulated for pregnancy and lactation, for menopause or to improve fertility in men and women. Furthermore it assits in the targeted support of vital organs such as brain, heart and eyes.

Was sind Mikronährstoffe?

Without micronutrients our body cannot function normally and healthily. In comparison to the macronutrients protein, fat and carbo proteins, the micronutrients are part of our nutrition, which don’t deliver energy directly, but are important to maintan metabolic processes in our body. Micronutrients include trace-elements, minerals and vitamins, but also amino acids, secondary plant ingredients and essential fatty acids. We get in most of the micronutrients we need from our diet, but in some cases it can be useful to take a supplement in order to supply an elevated demand.

Who needs Orthomol?

Healthy people can theoretically supply their demand on micronutrients with a balanced diet. Large surveys of the German population with focus on nutrition show that a large portion of the surveyed group don’t meet their daily requirements of fruits and vegetables.
in our lives there are situations which require a higher demand for micronutrients, for example pregnancy and breastfeeding. Further risk groups for a lack of micronutrients include people with an unbalanced diet, people on chronic meidication, people with chronic digestive disorders or people that don´t eat sufficiently (for example during a weight loss diet).