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Intestinal health

Intestinal health

Leaflet intestinal health

Location: Munich and Frankfurt

Health starts from within at your Metropolitan Pharmacy, we always strive to ensure our valued customers are doing well and feeling great. It is always our mission to make sure we provide clinically proven, well-founded and up-to-date advice. This distinguishes us from so many providers and “so-called” specialists in our field.

With so much information available, it is more difficult than ever to acquire a medically accurate understanding as a layperson. The fact is: Sustainable health starts within the gut!

A healthy intestinal flora with a wide variety of essential bacteria is the first and best prerequisite for healthy living in every respect.

The essential intestinal flora can now be acquired and maintained in a variety of ways:

• through our diet

• by taking probiotic bacteria

• through prebiotic fiber such as inulin or guar gum

• through adequate exercise

• through a lifestyle that is as stress-free as possible.

It is therefore important to specifically support and promote the intestinal bacteria, since there are many factors that can disturb or upset the natural balance in our intestines, these include:

• taking antibiotics and other medicines

• excessive exposure to electrosmog

• pesticides

• preservatives

• fast foods

• too much sugar

• most ready made meals.


To find out about your intestinal bacterial balance, it is advised to do a standard stool test. Just provide a sample through our test kit at home, which we will then send to a special laboratory. The test results will then be extensively discussed with our client, along with an individualized dietary recommendation and program.


We are always more than willing and pleased to provide our expert advice on all your health related concerns.

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