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Schüßler Salts

Schüßler Salts

The therapy with Schüßler Salts originates from an idea of a homeopathic physician called Heinrich Schüßler (1821-1898). It is based on the hypothesis that illnesses arise from imbalances of minerals in body cells and can be cured by minerals in homeopathic dosages. In the Schüßler ́schen mineral treatment the natural salts are homeopathically potentiated in their effect. The aim of this therapy is the gentle regulation of the mineral- and trace element balance.

Without exception the Schüßler salts are mineral compounds naturally occurring in the human body. The mineral salts are gentle and free of side effects so they can be easily combined without any problems with conventional medicine and other natural healing methods. Schüßler Salts can be used starting in the early childhood. The Schüßler therapy knows a total of 27 salts – twelve main remidies and 15 complementary salts.

Schüßler salts 1 - 12

Calcium fluoratum →

Salt of connective tissue, joints and skin

Calcium phosphoricum →

Salt of bones and teeth

Ferrum phosphoricum →

Salt of immune system

Kalium chloratum →

Salt of mucosa

Kalium phosphoricum →

Salt of nerves and mental health

Kalium sulfuricum →

Salt for body purification

Magnesium phosphoricum →

Salt of muscles and nerves

Natrium chloratum →

Salt of body´s water balance

Natrium phosphoricum →

Salt of metabolism

Natrium sulfuricum →

Salt of inner purification

Silicea →

Salt of hair, skin and connective tissue

Calcium sulfuricum →

Salt of joints

How to take Schüßler Salts

Schüßler Salze


Take tablets individual and let it melt slowly. That is how minerals can be absorbed optimal.


You can disolve tablets in a glas of water und and drink it sip by sip. Keep the liquid a few seconds in your mouth, so that minerals can be well absorbed by the mucosa.

Hot drink

Many people know about the “Hot 7” already. Advantage: quick, intensive.

schnell, intensiv, Warmth causes a better absorption and open pores. How it works: dissolve 10 pieces of Magnesium phos. tablets (Nr. 7) in warm water. Drink the liquid while it is warm in small sips.

Advise how to take:

Do not take Schüßler Salts directly after a meal. Because absorption could be less. Please wait 30 min. between meals and taking Schüßler Salts.