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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions – FAQ

Yes, we stock tests for example “Hotgen”. On demand we are able to order also other brands.

We have testing stations at Munich airport. More informations.

At Frankfurt airport (FRA) you will find the test opportunity at Medical Center. More informations. The position and opening hours of Medical Center have changed. Opening hours now from 07.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., to find outside next to arrivals A / terminal 1.

At new Berlin airport (BER), there are sites planned. More informations.

At Berlin airport Tegel (TXL) and Schönefeld airport (SFX) there are test centers for returning passengers who don’t exhibit symptoms. More information.

At Düsseldorf airport (DUS) you will also find a test center for returning passengers. More information.

At Hamburg airport (HAM) returning passengers from high risk areas can be tested free of charge. Corona testing is available for all other passengers at a standard fee. More informations.

contact your Metropoltian Pharmacies

Please click on location for Business hours of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, München.

Yes, we are open every day. Also on Christmas and New year´s day (open hours as announced).

Per phone

+49 800-6384636



Per fax

MUC +49 89 978 802 -206

DUS + 49 211 42 16 52-25

FRA +49 69 69 58 07-16

BER +49 30 609 1789 40

HAM +49 40 500 49 -338

Per e-mail






Online shopping


Via Skype

Metropolitan Pharmacy (Standort: München)

More Information

we are able to get products from abroad through our subsidiaries Met International OHG. We are also able to redistribute them to other countries.

Phone: 089978802200
E-Mail: muc@metropolitan-pharmacy.com


Yes, we stock prescription medicine as well as over the counter medicine.

Yes, we do.

As every pharmacy in Germany, we have a laboratory. Our skilled staff can prepare your individual formulations as well as your doctor´s prescribed formulations.

Yes, you can.

If your residence is not in the European Union.

We cooperate closely with GlobalBlue and SafetyTaxFree.

Yes, there are.

You will find a Metropolitan Pharmacy pending a security check in Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Düsseldorf.

At Hamburg Airport you can find us in the public zone.

Yes, we do.

Please ask for more informations.

Yes, we deliver in the airport campus for free.

German, English

And depending on location:

Arabic, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, French, Moldavian and Chinese

Yes, have a look here:


We are a locally based pharmacy, and for you that means:

  • there is a person you can call and talk to
  • it is easy and convenient
  • you get a handpacked parcel
  • secure shipping with UPS / DHL Express
  • you help and support a local based pharmacy and its jobs

Yes, we stock a wide range of supplements.

Also get to know about our house brand metvital.

Also follow us on Instagram (metvital).

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In Germany we are only allowed to issue prescription medicine, if you have a valid doctor´s prescription. A digital format such as phone, fax etc. is not valid and not allowed by law.

If you have a german health service prescription, we do need the original document to claim from your insurance.

NEW! It is now possible to do an e-prescription at your Metropolitan Pharmacy.

All credit cards, EC-Card, cash, NFC-Payments and Paypal (via Online-Shop).

Yes, you can, depending to location we accept:


Your change will however only be issued in EUROs.

Yes, we stock cold packs and bags to keep items cool.

Cold packs can be taken through security checks.

Yes, we do have special bags for the security checks.

Yes, if you need a remedy during a flight, you can take it through a security check without a problem.

More information.

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