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METVITAL - Quality without compromises

MetVital comprises a wide range of nutritional supplements. This includes, for example, vital substance formulations that have been specially designed by our specialized pharmacists.

Our MetVital Arthritis Protection Premium capsules are now available in all pharmacies across Germany. These products are manufactured exclusively according to our high standards of quality and safety. The quality philosophy begins with the conception of the products, where we determine exactly which variant of the desired substance is used. There are significant differences in terms of tolerance and bioavailability.

The raw materials are only purchased from certified German wholesalers and are therefore pure and tested against harmful contaminants. No auxiliary materials are used in the manufacturing process, and it is not uncommon for our capsules to be specially hand made in order to meet your unique requirements.

Our products offer exceptional value, are of the highest quality and are formulated in accordance with the latest medical and scientific research. Production is facilitated by a quality leading manufacturer in Germany.

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  • Exceptional value for the consumer: our Proline products contain more active ingredients compared to the regular range of products, and thus have a convincing cost to benefit ratio.
  • Ahead of the curve: we always strive to create a high quality product that is up to date with modern technology.
  • Innovative design: packaged in quality black casing, these vital products are a real eye-catcher. The attractive black box also contains a QR-Code, stylish image and our declaration to always pursue customer satisfaction.
  • The very best of METVITAL, made in Germany, developed by our pharmacists and experts – and our PROLINE series featuring 13 exciting products.

Newly arrived

vitality & relax

  •  the ayurvedic root Ashwagandha supports mental and physical resistance
  • the plant Rhodiola found in high mountainous regions, combats stress and promotes mental function
  • a balanced B complex, together with coenzyme Q10 and selenium & zinc, promotes general vitality


  • sulfur-containing amino acid derivative with significant antioxidant properties
  • particularly abundant in the central nervous system, retina, heart muscle, lung epithelium, platelets and blood cells
  • supports the metabolism, the nervous system, the eye, and the liver biliary systemZincpicolinat is a very easily absorbable organic zinc compound


  • Unique combination of 5 herbal extracts for dehydration
  • this diuretic stimulates kidney activity
  • supports the excretory function of the kidneys

mucosa aid

  • unique and exclusive combination of micronutrients that strengthen and repair the mucous membrane
  • the amino acid glutamine acts as a barrier that prevents the intestinal mucosa from becoming permeable
  • hops, chamomile and dandelion have anti-inflammatory and astringent properties

zink 15mg

  • Zinc picolinate is a very well absorbed organic zinc compound
  • Zinc is important for maintaining the immune system, testosterone levels, carbohydrate and fat metabolism
  • Zinc has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidative effect and prevents viral infections at cellular level

metabolic power

  • well formulated combination of metabolically active substances
  • Choline is important for liver function and lipid metabolism
  • The plant extracts of nettle, artichoke, wormwood and gentian promote fat metabolism and strengthen the stomach