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Knowing what´s good ...

We know how important prevention and conscious nutrition is for your health – and it is our aim to help you maintan that vital health through our expert advice. Whether it´s advice on the right exercise activities for you, the right nutrients and vitamins to suit your lifestyle, or even advice on weight reduction and management.
For years Metropolitan Pharmacy has been specifically researching and building up its competence in fitness, health and prevention, and we have developed a series of our own Vital products that you can exclusively buy only from us.

Speak with our experts from the Vital team and let yourself be advised comprehensively

Among others we offer: metvital special products – with extra emphasis on sportsmen and people with active lifestyles.
Metvital nutrients – available exclusively at your Metropolitan Pharmacy, providing micronutrients and other vitamins and minerals in an optimized formulation, offered by us at exceptional value for money.
Quantitative vitamin D tests are also directly available in our pharmacies at the airport of Frankfurt.
With this we can further assess your nutrient requirements for optimum performance from our products. Selected metvital products have been developed for our customers in cooperation with experts from the fields of medicine, health and nutrition.

Met Vital Partners

Company Orthomol

For us health is a family matter. In 1991 Orthomol started its work – and from the first day on it was a family project. “We literarily started from the garage. With a nomination of Glagau, Glagau and Glagau again.” This is how Dr. Kristian Glagau, the founder who passed away in 2009, described the first steps of Orthomol in 2009.

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Orthomol Vital F →

the allrounder for all women who need maximum power daily

Orthomol Immun →

the classic composition for a strong immune system, exclusively in our pharmacies with a special size of 10 vials in a flight case

Orthomol beauty →

the novelty from Orthomol for beauty from the inside

Orthomol Immun tablets/capsules →

for diet managment where poor nutrients has caused immune system deficiencies

MetVital is the innovative own brand of Metropolitan Pharmacy for high class nutrients and vitamins. Developed by our pharmacists and experts who have the highest demand for quality when it comes to nutrients, formulations and manufacturing. We combine the best bioavailability with a useful dosage, and manufacture these products without using any additives. In many cases our capsules are meticulously filled by hand.

We keep our assortments up to date and receive constant training to ensure we offer you products which are based on the latest scientific findings. Along with our advice you can get a professional program to address your individual nutrient and vitamin demands. Have a look in our online catalogue to get a first impression.

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Metvital PROLINE Ubiquinol 100mg

the energy molecule for your cells, best bioavailability for maximum effect

Metvital PROLINE Krill-Öl Omega 3

the premium Omega 3 with the antioxidans astaxanthin, water soluble for best uptake

Metvital Arthro Schutz Premium

special formulation for arthrosis patients which was developed with orthopedists. Morning and evening dosage for an intake in harmony with the biorhythm of your body.

Metvital Proline Men Boost

natural special formulation for men