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Bach Flower

Bach Flower Therapy

The Bach Flower Therapy is a healing method, which is based on Bach flowers. It was discoverd by Dr. Edward Bach, a british doctor. After his opinion physical and psychological impairments are a disorder of the same soul balance. He described 38 disharmonic soul states. In order to soothe and to cure these Dr. Bach connected these 38 soul states with 38 seleceted plants.
In a special process, essences are made from plants.
The Bach Flower Remedies are 100% natural and made from wild flowers which are safe for the whole family including pets. There are no sideeffects with other medications. We can give individual advice or you can take a ready-to-use mixture, which is available for humans and pets.

The right flower for every kind of feeling

You are scared easily and nervous >> Aspen (Nr. 2)

You are scared to loose self-control >> Cherry Plum (Nr. 6)

You are scared of an event in the future >> Mimulus (Nr. 20)

You are worried about your fellow humans >>Red Chestnut (Nr. 25)

You are dismayed by a report or situation >> Rock Rose (Nr. 26)

You are busy with yourself and like to talk >> Heather (Nr. 14)

You are very impatient and therefore irritable >> Impatiens (Nr. 18)

You like to be alone, but don´t want to look unapproachable >> Water Violet (Nr. 34)

You do the same mistake many times >> Chestnut Bud (Nr. 7)

You have a vivid imagination and like to daydream >> Clematis (Nr. 9)

You stuck in the past or be homesick >> Honeysuckle (Nr. 16)

Sometimes you feel worried, but you don´t know why >> Mustard (Nr. 21)

You feel tired after a challenge >> Olive (Nr. 23)

You feel like your thoughts rotating always around the same thing>> White Chestnut (Nr. 35)

You react indifferent and you don´t like unpleasent >> Wild Rose (Nr. 37)

Sometimes you don´t like yourself and you are not self-confident enough >> Crab Apple (Nr. 10)

You have a lot of responsibility and you feel you are not up to >> Elm (Nr. 11)

You want to solv a task with more self-confidence >> Larch (Nr. 19)

Your feelings of duty pushing you to much, so you do not manage well daily life >> Oak (Nr. 22)

You feel easily concerned and spoken to >> Pine (Nr. 24)

You feel sad after a sudden event, as a personal or workwise failure >> Star of Bethlehem (Nr. 29)

You need motivation or new courage >> Sweet Chestnut (Nr. 30)

You feel self-pity and bitterness >> Willow (Nr. 38)

You are hiding your real feelings behind a wall >> Agrimony (Nr. 1)

You are not good in saying “No” >> Bachblüte Centaury (Nr. 4)

You react easily jealous, distrustfully or suspicious >> Holly (Nr. 15)

You have a hard time to accept change >> Walnut (Nr. 33)

You are critical and intolerant with other people >> Beech (Nr. 3)

You are very possessive and protective with others >> Chicory (Nr. 8)

You set yourself to high standards >> Rock Water (Nr. 27)

Your excessive enthusiasm leads to exhaustion>> Vervain (Nr. 31)

You are very ambitious, dominant and inflexible >> Vine (Nr. 32)

You know what you want, but need confirmation from others >> Cerato (Nr. 5)

You get discouraged and disapppointed easily >> Gentian (Nr. 12)

You react pessimistic easily, when things go bad >> Gorse (Nr. 13)

You ran out of energy >> Hornbeam (Nr. 17)

You have problems to decide between two things >> Scleranthus (Nr. 28)

You are very interested in many things, but not sure, which way is the right one >> Wild Oat (Nr. 36)

How to use:

You can use single Bach flowers or a individual mix for you.

Glas of water (short time):

2 drops of selected essence (orig. Rescue-drops-mix 4 drops) in a glas of water and drink sip by sip. You can repeat.

mixture (long therm):

Select max. 7 essences. If you like we can do the mixture for you. Take min. 4 times daily 4 drops of it. Keep and store at a cool place.

Bach Rescue will be Bach Rescura

Bach Rescura Pastillen

easy for a travel and for kids. Good for you in situations with high emotions f. e. during a flight or in schoolexams.

  • free of alcohol
  • free of sugar
  • available in various kind of (fruit)taste

Bach Rescura Creme / Gel

Bach flowers for you skin.

In Rescue Creme and also in Rescue Gel there is the classic Rescue mix plus Crab Apple.

  • good skin care
  • calm down the skin
  • parfumfree and parabenfree
  • cooling gel for sensitive skin

Bach Rescura Spray

Quick help when you are on the way

Bach Rescura Night Spray

for an easy fall asleep and to sleep the hole night through

Bach Rescura Tropfen

perfect for exciting moments

Bach Rescura Nacht Tropfen

the natural help for sleeping

Bach Rescura Tropfen Kids

especially for kids. Rescura Drops for kids.

Bach Rescura Tropfen Pets

natural help for our animals