the world meets at the airport – for us everything revolves around you

Of all the places where people wish to be well-provided with pharmaceuticals, an airport probably poses the most demanding conditions: Business travellers who require important medication shortly before takeoff, vacationers who have forgotten their travel first-aid kits, flight captains and stewardesses who wish to strengthen their immune systems, concerned parents, careful world travellers, professors seeking advice, and taxi drivers suffering from congestion are all in a hurry to obtain the best consultation and the correct pharmaceutical products.

We are there for all of these people, 365 days a year. You can find your Metropolitan Pharmacy – our customers and partners simply call us the ‘met’ – at the most important German airports, in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Düsseldorf. This is a decisive advantage, since we have the fastest access to pharmaceuticals from the whole world.

Welcome to your met – in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf.