weight management by met

The role of our nutrition has changed dramatically over the past several decades. Previously, we needed enough calories to perform hard physical labour; now the opposite is true. We work more with our heads than with our hands, and move less. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of being overweight, with all of the associated negative consequences for our health such as an increased risk of heart attack or stroke, is often the result of nutrition that is not adapted to the requirements of the body.

Every year new diets come onto the market, all promising rapid weight loss in the shortest possible time. These can work in the short term, but one soon regains the kilograms that were lost with such effort. This so-called ‘yo-yo’ effect is caused by a mechanism of the body: In the case of under-nourishment, the body assumes a ‘state of emergency’, which means that at this time less energy is used for all of the body functions.

During this hunger phase the body loses mostly water and some muscle mass; the fat cells remain practically untouched, and are treated as a store of energy that is necessary for survival. Nutrition scientists now state quite openly that ‘Diets are the best way to gain weight.’

Conclusion: Over the long term, the mechanism which preserves fat cells can be outwitted only through athletic activity. This causes muscle cells to be built up in the body rather than fat cells. To facilitate this process the body makes use of the energy stored in the fat cells.

Unfortunately this takes time, which is why when one begins sports activities, often no weight loss can be detected on the scales. One reason for this is that muscle cells are heavier than fat cells.

The good news: The muscle cells require increased energy, which means that those with large muscles can eat more without gaining weight!

We will be glad to support and advise you, offering you

  • Individual nutrition consultation
  • Regular body fat measurements
  • Many tips on how you can maintain good nutrition at home and on the move

Our employees recommend intelligent nutrition correction in small steps. You do not have to count calories or suffer from hunger. Although initial success on the scales is somewhat more modest than is the case with some crash diets, the advantage is that our recommendations can be put into practice in a long-term, lasting manner. Here we attempt to take your wishes and preferences into account – in conjunction with a moderate exercise program.

Types of exercise such as the following are extremely suitable:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Gymnastics
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Water gymnastics
  • Dancing
  • Swimming

In order to achieve an optimal result, we recommend exercising for at least 30 minutes twice per week (in the aerobic range at approximately 70% of the maximum heart rate). We will also help you with a change in nutrition that attempts to manage with 3 main meals.

You will lose unattractive fat, streamline the body and become slimmer, more athletic and healthier.

Simply drop by your 'met' – we look forward to seeing you!