for fitness and sports enthusiasts

Whether you are a competitive athlete, an ambitious recreational athlete or ‘only’ an occasional jogger: All those active in sports, as well as those on a weight-loss diet, can effectively improve their performance with natural, guaranteed dope-free substances.

For this purpose the met offers you

  • • Special products for athletes
  • • Medical equipment (such as ...)
  • • and current doping lists for prohibited preparations, as well as the positive list

Obtain detailed advice. Our pharmacists with the additional qualification ‘nutrition consultant’ will tell you what you should keep in mind.

Performance begins with nutrition

Many people continue to eat in accordance with regional or family customs. However, your body is capable of high performance only when provided with everything that it needs. Even a slight under-supply of an important substance can impair its performance and regeneration. This results in faster fatigue and lower endurance in training and competition. There are entirely natural ways to enhance performance, which will also withstand strict doping control without any problem.

A few products for athletes selected by us:

  • metvital Orthomol Sport – in addition to vitamins and minerals, it also provides taurine, carnitine and co-enzyme Q10 for faster regeneration
  • Frubiase Sport products have been developed in collaboration with the German physical education college in Köln. They provide assistance for long endurance sessions with the special sugar ‘Palatinose’, which raises the blood sugar level considerably less than is the case with normal sugar. The constant supply of energy also optimises the fat metabolism.