getting more out of life – premium products from metvital

‘Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.’
(Hippocrates of Kos)

Together with a general increase in health consciousness, there is also a growing interest in preventive measures, healthy nutrition and nutritional supplements. We have therefore assembled a series of selected products under the label ‘metvital’, especially developed by pharmacists and doctors, and available in this form only from us.

metvital – more than 40 different products for more vitality

Do you participate in sports, fly frequently or simply want to do more for your health? We offer you high-quality products with the best pharmacy quality at an attractive price. They are comprised of micronutrients and as far as possible natural raw materials in appropriate concentrations.

Mixtures of vital substances produced in our own pharmacy laboratory

Our nutrient granules are attached to soluble dietary fibres, which release the vital substances with a time delay, over the course of the day.

  • Anti-jet lag mixture – with green tea extract, taurine and anti-oxidants to alleviate jet lag symptoms.
  • Anti-herpes mixture – with zinc and vitamins C and E, to alleviate the course of herpes or to prevent infection.
  • Anti-allergy mixture – with zinc, calcium and bioflavonoids, to assist in therapy, or for prevention of allergic illnesses.

A strong connection: Metropolitan Pharmacy and Orthomol

Exclusively for our customers, the most successful Orthomol products are available under the metvital label:

  • metvital Orthomol Immun – for infections, chronic illnesses, sensitivity to changes in the weather, and especially for frequent fliers: For frequent fliers, flight attendants and pilots, long-distance flights often result in higher exposure to radiation than has been determined for jobs at nuclear power plants. A study at the University of Trier shows an increase in free radicals in the blood of crew members, even after a single transatlantic flight. This puts stress on the immune system. metvital Orthomol Immun assists regeneration with balanced doses of vitamins, trace elements and secondary plant substances, which capture free radicals. This exclusive pharmacy product is available for use en route in a practical small travelling bag with 10 drink containers.
  • metvital Orthomol Vital – in case of pressure from deadlines, a hectic pace and stress due to particularly high demands in business and private life: metvital Orthomol Vital assists and strengthens thanks to especially adapted active substance formulae for women and men