metpharma – so that you are well looked after

Do you expect not only a complete range of affordable pharmaceutical products from your airport pharmacy, but also individual consultation concerning all health questions? In that case, at the Metropolitan Pharmacy you have come to the right place: Our pharmacists are highly qualified and take time for you, in order to recommend the pharmaceuticals on the market that are the best for you.

We work intensively with pharmaceutical producers worldwide, keep our range of products completely up to date, and think far beyond the realm of the usual travel pharmacy and typical travel illnesses. Whether it is a matter of the most recent means of combating allergies, reliable protective immunisation solutions, or ‘national’ preparations from your native land: We are always there for you, since air travellers, airline employees and those who work at the airport have special requirements regarding their health.

Typical of the 'met': With intensive in-house training, our own coaching programme and a comprehensive quality management system, for nearly 20 years, on a daily basis we have been making ourselves fit to care for your health.

Come and see for yourself – we are not satisfied until you are!