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09. März 2010

metbeauty news: Cellulite

Cellulite, the most important facts – and effective recommendations

The connective tissue of women is much more elastic than that of men.
This is useful for pregnancy – but not good for the appearance.
The parallel fibres of connective tissue permit bulging fat cells to push through – which unfortunately are visible!


A small consolation:

Even otherwise slim young women have problems with cellulite dimples. As mentioned above, this is almost always caused by loose connective tissue.
Age is also a significant factor, since the body reduces the musculature with age, thus making fatty tissue more visible. This can favour existing cellulite.
Fat cells produce the important female hormone oestrogen – and are therefore strongly protected by the body.
Oestrogen-based contraceptive pills contain relatively high doses of oestrogen, and can therefore further increase cellulite. In contrast, modern micropills contain only very low doses of oestrogen, and so-called ‘minipills’ contain none.

What can help?

Varied, healthy nutrition and adequate exercise are especially important – an excellent brochure on this topic is available at the Metropolitan Pharmacy.

It has been demonstrated that salt and algae baths can alleviate cellulite dimples, but only with regular use. Algae have a positive effect on fat metabolism. Salt baths are effective if in addition to dimples there are also swellings due to water retention.

Body peeling not only improves the body’s microcirculation, but also ensures that dead skin particles are removed from the skin. A rosy, more delicate skin immediately appears smoother, even in problem areas. Perform daily for best results.

Massages stimulate the circulation of the blood and also activate the burning of fat. Lymph drainage works wonders if the cellulite is accompanied by water retention – of course this is particularly effective when administered by a specialist.

Anyone who wants to combat the effect of ‘orange peel’ skin and to tighten the skin quickly and effectively can achieve success with appropriate nutritional supplements, which also improve the external appearance of cellulite and increase the elasticity of the skin.
Such products are to be taken daily for at least three months.

Assistance is also provided by products applied externally.

These normally take effect by

  • Stimulating the microcirculation
  • Exerting a positive influence on collagen synthesis
  • Assisting the drainage effect