10 beauty tips "diy" cosmetics

Do you have a cucumber, vinegar and some tomatoes at home?

You can make it into a healthy salad or we can show you what you can make to improve the health of your skin.

Enjoy trying our beauty tips.

Our top 10 tips are:

  • Milk bath for soft skin
    This method was made famous by Cleopatra.
    Add 1 litre of full milk to your bathwater. Milk sugar, minerals and vitamins regenerate the cells and capture the moisture in the skin. Afterwards your skin will be soft and silky.
    Tip: Just dab your skin gently with the towel.
  • Apple vinegar against gray hair
    Have you found the first gray hair? You can fight the onset of gray hair with a vinegar conditioner. The best is apple vinegar.
    Mix the apple vinegar with warm water and rinse your hair with it after each wash. Your hair will regain its natural shine.
  • Lemon against dry and rough skin on your elbow
    Are your elbows rough and dry after a long winter?
    Rub half a lemon on them once a week. The fruit acids will peel off the dead skin cells, this is a natural peeling. After 5 minutes wash it off and apply cream on the elbow.
  • Egg white for firm skin
    Smooth and firm skin
    This is a DIY mask of beaten egg white.
    Beat egg white with a mixer or an egg whisk until it is stiff and apply it with a brush onto your face. Rinse it off after 20 minutes with warm water.
  • Honey for soft lips
    Honey helps against dry and chapped lips.
    Apply a small amount of honey lips and leave it on for 10 minutes.
    The nourishing and antibacterial components in the honey will make your lips smooth and soft.
  • Sage tea against foot odour
    Do you have smelly feet? Sage tea may help!
    This tea regulates the pH-value of the skin and protects against bacteria.
    Brew the tea with 1 litre of water and 2 table spoons of sage. Let it cool down and then bathe your feet for 10 minutes in it.
  • Cucumber stimulates the face
    Cucumber stimulates the face because of the high amount of moisture and the vitamins A and C inside. Furthermore there are enzymes in the cucumber, which increase the renewal of the skin.
    Mince a piece of cucumber in a mixer and a table spoon of curd.
    Apply and leave for 15 minutes; afterwards rinse with warm water.
    Tip: Use low fat curd cheese if you have oily skin or cream curd cheese if you have dry skin.
  • Tomatoes against blackheads
    The red wonder fruit: tomatoes taste not only good in a salad, they also help against skin impurity.
    Cut up a tomato in pieces and rub it on the area where blackheads appear. Wipe off the juice with a tissue and apply a cream afterwards.
  • Almond nourishes your skin
    For a rich nourished skin use a DIY almond peeling.
    Mix 2 table spoons of natural yogurt with 2 table spoons of ground almonds and 1 tea spoon of honey
    Apply and massage this onto your face and body then wash it off warm water. The lactic acid of the yogurt cleans deeply and gets rid of dead skin cells.
    The oily almond flour has a mechanical effect and gives the skin almond oil. Honey helps the regeneration of the skin.
  • The magic of water
    Drink water and look more beautiful
    Water is essential for the function of skin cells. The humidity of the cells makes the skin look healthy and smooth. Because of this most creams and lotions contain lots of water. If there is enough liquid in the body the lower skin layers are able to store the moisture. Is water missing the skin loses its flexibility and wrinkles may appear.
    Therefore it is most important to drink enough to keep your skin healthy.